Bizmen gather for innovation conference

ON OCT. 23, the innovation conference Slingshot Cebu 2018 will gather startups, entrepreneurs, innovators, educational institutions and government agencies at the Cebu City Sports Club.

According to the organizer Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the latest edition of Slingshot Cebu will have the theme of “Revving up your business in a Digital World,” appropriate for its target participants, which are both brick and mortar MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) and tech startups. Slingshot Cebu 2018 will have the twin objectives of nudging brick and mortars to adapt and adopt digital, while tech startups will have the opportunity to network, validate business models and gain traction.

This year’s Slingshot topics include The Digital Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, Scale-Up Program for Startups, Data Privacy and Digital Marketing.

There will be two panel conversations: tackling entrepreneurial journeys and revving up revenues through business model design. All will have both MSMEs and startups in the panel to show that innovation and entrepreneurship are really two sides of the same coin.

Right after the conference, the DTI will launch the Startup Island Mentoring Program in Central Visayas. DTI 7 Assistant Regional Director Ma. Elena Arbon said the program, which is being piloted in Cebu, is designed to help local startups gain entrepreneurial skills, strengthen their business models and scale up.

Source: Local News

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