Vlogger: beware of peer pressure in social media

IS SOCIAL media a friend or foe?

For pastor-vlogger AJ Caparas, it depends on how social media is used, especially by influencers.

“We need to keep watch on how we use social media. There’s the threat on forced positivity because of your following and that you’re forced to keep on posting,” he said.

Caparas spoke before Communication students in a forum organized by the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas yesterday at the University of San Carlos.

The event is part of a series of activities held within the week to foster camaraderie and healthy competition among local media outlets in celebration of the 26th Cebu Press Freedom Week.

Caparas, the face behind the “All 4 Jesus Vlogs,” suggested investing on things that matter most when peer pressure gets tough.

“Go on digital fast and social media cleansing. It’s a lot more difficult to disconnect, but try it. You can actually have a life without Facebook. Even before the Internet, there was already a way to connect to Jesus,” he continued.

Caparas said he did this before he ventured into vlogging (video blogging).

Social media, he said, can help change the world positively if used wisely.

“Mainstream media is doing the right thing with going to social media because it is used to spread accurate, truthful reports. It’s fake news that’s harmful. The media helps in giving awareness to the people,” Caparas said. (RTF)

Source: Local News

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