Magpale: Inflation could affect domestic tourism

ASIDE from the prices of basic commodities, even the costs of traveling and tourism are expected to rise due to inflation.

For Cebu Vice Gov. Agnes Magpale, this means that local tourists may opt to save their money rather than spend their vacation in Cebu due to the effects of inflation and recently implemented Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (Train) law.

Magpale, who chairs the Provincial Tourism Commission (PTC), said that with prices of commodities increasing, it is also expected that the cost of services provided by tourism-related establishments such as hotels, restaurants and resorts and even transportation would increase as well.

Even prices of local tour packages provided by tourism agencies are expected to increase, Magpale said.

Magpale admitted that as much as the PTC wants to ensure that local and foreign tourist arrivals in Cebu remain high, they cannot stop tourism establishments from raising their prices as these could also affect their services and human resources.

Magpale said she understands that tourism establishments need to increase the cost of their services adjust to the increasing cost of commodities such as fuel for their transport and food for their clients.

But while local tourist arrivals in Cebu could be affected, foreign tourists will still continue to visit Cebu, as the value of the dollar remains high.

Magpale said that while tourism establishments may increase the cost of their services, she assured that fees of local tourist spots in Cebu won’t increase.

She said the Province can still dictate the fees for local tourist spots since these are managed by the local government units. JKV

Source: Local News

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