Quota, reward system for police? Gov. Imee Marcos raises questions

THE series of killings in Cebu had Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos wondering if reports that the police are implementing a quota and reward system are true.

She also questioned the basis of a police officer’s “under-performance” and what the parameters are in identifying the under-performers.

“Is it true that the quota and reward system in the police is in place? And the “underperformance” (of our police officers) is now defined?” Marcos said in an interview with Superbalita Cebu. She did not elaborate.

Police officials in Camp Crame have denied in the past that there is a reward system for policemen who kill drug suspects in anti-drug operations.

The governor was in Cebu yesterday for the quarterly seminar and meeting of the Philippine Association for Government Budget Administration (PAGBA), Inc., where she was the guest speaker.

Marcos said she finds the number of persons killed in Cebu recently to be alarming.

Following reports that one of the gunmen of Philippine Drug Enforcement Agent (PDEA) 7 agent Von Rian Tecson could be a policeman, the governor called on the police to always follow the rule of law in all their operations.

She also challenged the policemen to work harder especially since the President fully supports them.

Marcos said, though, that despite the unsolved killings, she is still confident that the police can perform their job well. JPP of Superbalita Cebu

Source: Local News

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