Proposal to arm tanods, give them uniform gets ABC Chief Ong’s support

CEBU City’s Association of Barangay Councils (ABC) President and Kasambagan Barangay Captain Franklyn Ong supported the proposal of Mayor Tomas Osmeña to train barangay tanods and provide them with firearms.

After the ABC elections last July 30, Osmeña proposed to train the barangay tanods in handling firearms and eventually let them carry one as an additional security measure.

“It’s a very good plan, but di na sa ingon nga dali dali,” said Ong.

He said it needs further discussion and it has to go through the process, such as checks on whether or not the tanods are qualified to carry firearms.

If it pushes through, Ong said the barangay captains who own licensed firearms should be trained first since they are the head of the barangay.

He plans to ask for the Philippine National Police’s help in getting barangay captains who already have firearms to join the training and get a license.

The ABC president also agreed with the proposal of Garry Lao, Cebu City Office for Substance Abuse Prevention executive director, to provide uniforms to all tanods of the 80 barangays in the city.

Lao has written the mayor a letter requesting for uniforms for the tanods who are the frontliners in the drive against criminality. Jerra Mae Librea, USJ-R Intern

Source: Local News

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