LCPO launches ‘Clean Riders’ program

AROUND 1,200 stickers were distributed during the launching of the “Clean Riders” program at the Lapu-Lapu City Sports Complex yesterday.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) came up with the program, which was spearheaded by PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde, in the bid to curb crimes perpetrated by motorcycle-riding suspects.

“This is our way to address our problem with motorcycle-riding suspects and to minimize complaints of motorists who are delayed when we conduct checkpoints,” said Senior Supt. Lemuel Obon, Lapu-Lapu City Police Office (LCPO) director.

The aim of “Clean Riders” is to separate good motorists from bad ones, including criminals.

The participants registered their motorycles and passed requirements that included the vehicle’s official receipt (OR), certificate of registration, a driver’s license and a valid identification (ID) card to be a member of “Clean Riders.”

“Each rider will present the OR of the vehicle and then a card or license, and then we’ll conduct a background check to make sure the rider is not on our watchlist. If it comes back negative, then we’ll give the rider a sticker with the word ‘clean’ and another sticker with a serial number that the rider will paste at the back of his license,” Obon said in Cebuano.

According to PO2 Francis Baculi, recipients of these “clean” stickers will also serve as eyes and ears to help prevent crime. Reyna Mae Fatima Lopez & Ma. Devorah Taneo, USJ-R Interns

Source: Local News

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