City dad, 3 tanods sued

THE Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) 7 yesterday made good its threat against Cebu City Councilor Dave Tumulak and three other unidentified tanods for allegedly mauling a police asset who drove the motorcycle that slain PO3 Eugene Calumba was riding.

SPO4 Reynaldo Romero, case investigator, filed cases against Tumulak and three others for grave threats, physical injuries, and grave coercion.

Assisted by his lawyer Inocencio de la Cerna, complainant Michael Banua filed the complaints against Tumulak before the Office of the Cebu City Prosecutor.

Tejero Barangay Councilor Jessielou Cadungog and his bodyguard-driver, William Macaslang, Jr., filed a case for attempted murder and illegal gun possession against Banua before the prosecutor’s office last Aug. 3.

Banua, who remains at large, reportedly attempted to shoot Macaslang last month by driving to the front of Cadungog’s vehicle. But Cadungog’s driver fired at Banua, who later fled.

In his affidavit, Banua said Cadungog ordered Macaslang to shoot Calumba.

After Calumba was hit, two people arrived on a pick-up and introduced themselves as tanods.

Banua said he begged the tanods to bring the wounded Calumba to the hospital but the tanods told them not to move.

Tumulak later arrived and introduced himself as the city councilor.

Instead of helping them, Tumulak allegedly slapped Banua in the nape and punched his stomach.

The councilor allegedly pointed his gun at Banua and ordered the tanods to handcuff him and put him in the pick up.

Banua said Tumulak continued punching him while asking who ordered them to ambush Cadungog while on their way to the hospital.

Sought for comment, Tumulak said he is ready to face the case to defend himself from the allegations against him.

Atty. Amando Ligutan, Tumulak’s counsel, said that the councilor only responded to an emergency that’s why he was in the area.

“We’ve yet to receive a copy of the complaint, but for sure it’s a head-scratcher,” he said.

“Note that he was the one who brought Banua to the hospital for medical help. Isn’t it weird to accuse Tumulak of inflicting injuries to Banua when in fact he brought the person to the hospital? It’s preposterous,” he added.

Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña, for his part, challenged Cebu City Police Office Director Senior Supt. Royina Garma to produce the firearm license of Banua, who is reportedly the bodyguard of Calumba, and the permit to carry it.

Osmeña said he wants the licenses of Banua to be presented because he suspects that he is a gunman.

Osmeña said the police should come up with a better story on what happened to Cadungog, who was tagged by the police as the primary suspect in the killing of Calumba.

“These are the things you asked why I don’t trust what’s happening because I don’t like their explanation. It insults my intelligence and it insults the intelligence of Cebuanos as well. What kind of story is that? Come up with something credible,” he said. (GMD, RVC)

Source: Local News

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