August, 2018


No sign yet: Lim’s camp turns to High Court

PETER Go Lim asked the Supreme Court to review a justice department resolution to bring him to trial for an alleged conspiracy to trade illegal drugs, even as the police said it had sent out tracker teams to search for him. All the evidence against him, Lim’s lawyers said in the petition for certiorari, is hearsay. “An extra-judicial confession is binding only on the confessant. It cannot be admitted against his or her co-accused and it’s considered as hearsay against them,” they said, citing Section 28, Rule 130 of theRead More

600 passengers diverted to Cebu endure overnight wait in airport

SOME 600 passengers onboard Philippine Airlines flights bound for Manila from San Francisco and Vancouver were diverted to Cebu Friday morning. Manila-bound flights from Cebu resumed by noon yesterday, said GMR-Megawide Cebu Airport Corp. (GMCAC). Passengers of PR117 Vancouver-Manila and PR105 San Francisco-Manila were welcomed at Terminal 2 of Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA) last Friday after PAL diverted their flights to Cebu while the major runway in Manila remained closed for clearing operations. These two flights, however, departed Cebu past noon yesterday. PR117 was scheduled to arrive in ManilaRead More

Convert or pay in full, Daluz says of SRP loan

CEBU City Councilor Jose Daluz III wants Mayor Tomas Osmeña to pay off the loan that the City Government contracted for the South Road Properties (SRP) project or consider converting it to Philippine pesos. But the matter is not a priority at the moment, Osmeña said. Daluz, in a privilege speech during the City Council’s session last Tuesday, said the dollar-peso exchange rate is going higher every year. This year, the balance of the City’s SRP loan is around P2 billion. City Hall is set to pay its loan amortizationRead More

8 city councilors ask court to stop Kawit, Binaliw deals

CEBU City’s opposition councilors asked the court to nullify two resolutions that authorized Mayor Tomas Osmeña to sign the joint venture agreement (JVA) with Universal Hotels and Resorts Inc. (UHRI) and approved the proposed Binaliw landfill project. Eight councilors filed a civil case for declaration of nullity and asked for a temporary restraining order (TRO) and preliminary injunction late last Friday, in time for the scheduled signing of the JVA between the City and UHRI. Petitioners in the case are Councilors Jose Daluz III, Jocelyn Pesquera, Raymond Garcia, Pastor Alcover,Read More

Amante: Exploring ecotourism

STATE auditors had plenty to say about Alegria town’s canyoneering operations, but not whether they, too, had jumped into the Kanlaob River. There may not have been enough time. At least four findings the Commission on Audit (COA) reported about Alegria’s transactions in 2017 involved the town’s canyoneering attraction. Travelers on the review site Tripadvisor have posted glowing reviews of the southern town’s Kanlaob River trek. Government auditors, however, were less effusive. First, COA said that Alegria had no basis for collecting entrance and user fees from tourists, which amountedRead More

Tabada: Stories a la King

THE storyteller in my mother’s family is my grandaunt Juanita, whom I often visited during summer. A teenager with an appetite, I wanted lunch to be over. Granduncle Crispin, after coming home for the lunch my grandaunt prepared, then fell asleep in front of the TV set, newspapers opened helter-skelter on his lap or feet, splayed on his chair with the extended leg rests. When he reported back to work, I could now read the newspapers. During the interlude my granduncle listened to the TV and scanned the dailies, heRead More

Cabaero: Trickle-down

WITH big money coming in from whale shark watching activities in Oslob town, Cebu, there must be trickle-down benefit to the majority. That’s exactly what two government agencies are acting on following their discovery of the huge amount of money that comes in from tourists for that attraction alone. The Commission on Audit (COA) is demanding accountability and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is insisting on tax payment from those running the Oslob tourist attraction. The COA has asked Oslob town officials to deposit promptly earnings from its whaleRead More

Tell it to SunStar: The hypocrites

WHEN we allow ourselves to be deceived by dishonest theologians, preachers or ministers, we become involved in a man-made disaster. We allow our lives to be controlled by the Bible and distorted by theologians who are biased in favor of their groups. The best thing in being biased is only to be biased in favor of the truth. These false prophets are hypocrites pretending to be divine, righteous and holy. But deep inside they are rotten to the core. How will you recognize these hypocrites? Jesus said, “A tree isRead More

Briones: A ‘terrorist’ in our midst

THEY come in all shapes and sizes. Ages, too. And terrorists don’t care what method or soldiers they use or deploy on the field as long as they achieve the desired effect. According to Peter W. Singer, a former expert, strategist and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, an American research group, 300,000 boys and girls under 18 serve as combatants in almost 75 percent of the world’s conflicts. Some 18 percent of the fighters are younger than 12 years old. They offer terrorist group leaders “cheap and easy recruitsRead More

Lim: Grateful

I HAD never been hospitalized in my life—not until my partial nephrectomy last year. The thought of being a patient filled me with horror. I couldn’t imagine myself lying in a hospital bed—at the mercy of the hospital staff. But God was kind. It was actually a pleasant stay. I can’t imagine a time in my life when I actually felt more relaxed than when I was confined in the hospital. And that seems strange if not comical since I can still remember the nurse asking me each time IRead More