Tabuelan police eye personal grudge as motive for cop’s slaying

TABUELAN police are looking at a personal grudge as a possible motive for the death of PO1 Avita Sarzuelo, who was killed in her car while on her way to the market in Poblacion, Tabuelan at dawn last Thursday.

Investigators have already taken the statements of several witnesses.

PO2 John Mark Asendiente, information officer of the Tabuelan Police Station, said they encountered a minor problem since the witnesses couldn’t make out the faces of Sarzuelo’s four attackers because the incident happened in the dark.

However, Asendiente said they’re focusing on information that someone had lodged a complaint against the slain officer, accusing her of mauling him during the town fiesta.


According to their initial investigation, Sarzuelo, who has a meat store and an eatery, had a confrontation with a business rival last month.

“They were vying for the supply of pork meat, which ended with the victim hitting her rival who then went to the station to have the incident placed in the blotter. So we’re also looking into that,” Asendiente said in Cebuano.

However, he clarified that they’re still looking at other motives, including the one where the victim was allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade.

“We’re basing this on Sarzuelo’s transfer to the Provincial Holding and Accounting Unit last year and the fact that we arrested her cousin and a nephew for illegal drugs,” he said in Cebuano.

A drug personality they arrested had also divulged Sarzuelo’s name, but they have yet to determine if the policewoman was the suspect’s supplier.

Tabuelan police have already submitted the empty shells and the other evidence they recovered from the crime scene to the PNP Crime Laboratory 7 to determine if the firearms are registered.

Sarzuelo was the first female officer killed in Central Visayas after President Rodrigo Duterte started his term on June 30, 2016. (AYB of Superbalita)

Source: Local News

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