Thursday, January 4th, 2018


JackSafe – World's First Smart Magnetic Audiojack

JackSafe – World’s First Smart Magnetic Audiojack January 04, 2018 ( – After we set up all the stuff in our workplace or in the day-to-day life, we make everything in certain order and get used to it. We forget that we can improve our everyday experience with small hacks or little cool gadgets that make things easier. The JackSafe is one of those simple tools that make using wired earphones or headset experience safer and easier. JackSafe allows you to switch among multiple devices with ease. You’re not onlyRead More

U.S. targets Iran over deadly unrest

WASHINGTON, DC, USA –  Washington slapped sanctions on five Iranian companies on Thursday, January 4, and called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting, further stepping up pressure on Tehran over the deadly unrest that has gripped the country. The US moves came even as Iranian authorities declared an end to … Source: Politics

Peru bus crash death toll rises to 52

LIMA, Peru – Rescuers recovered two more bodies on Thursday, January 4, from the scene of the crash after a bus plunged over a cliff in Peru , bringing the total death toll to 52. Lima police chief Victor Rucoba said there were no more bodies to recover, and that the focus now shifts to investigating the … Source: Politics

Mavericks adopt new Chinese name – Lone Ranger Heroes

NEW YORK, USA – The Dallas Mavericks, who signed the first Chinese player in NBA history, have adopted a new Chinese-language nickname, the Lone Ranger Heroes, after nearly 20 years of being translated as “Little Cows.” And more NBA clubs might follow the Mavericks lead. <p … Source: Politics

24 dead in DR Congo floods

KINSHASA, DR Congo – Twenty-four people died overnight when torrential rain and mudslides swept though shanty homes in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the authorities said Thursday, January 4. The provincial minister for health and social affairs, Dominique Weloli, said the city’s central morgue had received 11 bodies … Source: Politics

Steve Bannon insists he backs 'great man' Trump

WASHINGTON, USA – Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is heaping new praise on Donald Trump, after the president scathingly dismissed him as insane and irrelevant for disparaging his family in published remarks. “The president of the United States is a great man,” the executive chairman of right-wing news website … Source: Politics

Mouse study shows how alcohol may cause cancer

PARIS, France –  Alcohol damages the DNA of stem cells responsible for producing new blood, according to a mouse study which may explain the link between drinking and cancer, scientists said on Wednesday, January 3. Health watchdogs have long warned that alcohol consumption contributes to seven types of cancer – of … Source: Politics

Fires and avalanche alerts as Storm Eleanor batters Europe

PARIS, France – The French Alps were on maximum avalanche alert Thursday, January 4, as Storm Eleanor swept through Europe, killing at least four people and fanning rare winter wildfires in Corsica. With the mountains packed with skiiers for the school holidays, major resort Val d’Isere closed its runs for the … Source: Politics

Britain celebrates 'Game of Thrones' with new stamps

LONDON, United Kingdom – Stars of Game of Thrones will appear on a new collection of stamps to celebrate Britain’s contribution to the fantasy series, Royal Mail announced. Ten characters are pictured in the souvenir series unveiled on Wednesday, January 3 set against dramatic scenes from the hit US … Source: Politics

Russia warns U.S. not to get involved in Iran

MOSCOW, Russia – Moscow on Thursday, January 4, warned Washington against interfering in Iran’s “internal affairs” after US President Donald Trump pledged to help Iranians “take back” their government following protests. The White House said it was weighing sanctions against those involved in a crackdown against the unrest, which has left … Source: Politics