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In Finance
The dollar ended the week higher against the yen on Friday as market sentiment was boosted by easing tensions over Ukraine, while upbeat U.S. economic reports also supported the dollar. USD/JPY touched highs of 102.57 on Friday, before ending t

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In Business
Gina Gomez,  Founder of What Moves You Coaching has been named a contributor to Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling (SOTGS).  Gina is a Business and Certified Life Coach specializing in strategy and people in transition. SOTGS is a global forum

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Editors Choice Default
For years, most investors would prefer to build their business in Manila and other parts of Luzon only, which is because the cities in this area are more urbanized compared to other provinces in the Philippines. Other than that, the cities in Luzon are more populated than the cities in Visayas and Mindanao. It is a fact that cities like Cebu, Davao and Tacloban are a bit behind from the business trend that has been in play for years in Manila and other cities in Luzon. However, that was the situation a few years back. At present these cities are now catching up with the major cities in Luzon. Focusing on Cebu, we can no longer deny the fact

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World News
Miskatonic University Launches Investiga..
on 20 April 2014 23:32:59

Essex County, MA - One of the country’s oldest and most lauded universities has announced its investigation into the mysteries and unnerving The Box Leads To Madness logo that began appearing ar

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German Demonstrations for Peace - They d..
on 19 April 2014 23:43:15

“MontagsDemo fuer den Frieden” (“Monday’s Demonstrations for Peace”, in reference to the public demonstrations against the Democratic German Republic back in the 80s) mig

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Technology Today
iColorType for iPad available on iTunes,..
on 14 April 2014 21:32:02

iColorType, an iOS app for iPad, created by KeyRight 2012. They are passionate about edtech and teaching kids through technology. The touch keyboard is the main interface for tablets and touchscreen d

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Buy-Websites.org Lists 10 Established We..
on 14 April 2014 17:09:33

Buy-Websites.Org, a renowned name when it comes to platforms selling established websites, today listed 10 more options on Flippa for buyers to choose and select from. The websites belong to some of t

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Health News
Can Chronic Texting Cause Chronic Back P..
on 18 April 2014 19:09:41

Even though modern technological advancements make life easier, they are not without consequence.  Cell phones are a perfect example. They give people the ability to communicate with practically

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ApolloTrendz Impromptu Philosophy Blow O..
on 18 April 2014 19:03:53

ApolloTrendz President, Al Guastello, announces a Philosophy Blowout of rare and discontinued fragrances for men and women.  To sweeten the deal Guastello extended an offer of free shipping on AL

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Life & Style
Vacation Rental Company Launched Online ..
on 19 April 2014 16:51:33

Toronto, Canada - The channel will showcase both archive and modern video for travellers and for those you are looking for travel inspirations. Staying active,relevant and competitive is one of the ma

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Red Carpet Experiences acquires sports t..
on 15 April 2014 19:22:18

AUSTIN, TX – Under the terms of the agreement, Ludus will fit under the umbrella of services offered by the company, which include ticket management, inventory control, hospitality services and

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Entertainment News
Iowa Author Lilly Thumper Releases "Hea..
on 15 April 2014 19:06:27

“Heaven is for Real-A Skeptic’s Guide-A Comparative Analysis of the Burpos’ Story” by Des Moines, Iowa author Lilly Thumper is a new release that addresses the claims made in t

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Oklahoma MC, Warrbuckss Releases New Alb..
on 05 April 2014 16:14:23

Oklahoma, US- After much anticipation, Warrbuckss finally drops his awaited new album ‘Just The Tip’ on iTunes, which is laced with his no-holds-barred lyrics, nasty style and a smooth flo

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Sports News
WWE Hall of Fame Announces Final Inducte..
on 29 March 2014 01:09:08

New Orleans, LA – Even though WWE recently revealed a poster with Razor Ramon aka “Scott Hall” and Mr. T as the last Hall of Fame Inductees, video footage allegedly shot by a time tr

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on 15 February 2014 16:08:50

The First African American Woman to Manage a Women’s Professional Basketball Team.African American Hall of Fame to Induct Kandi KC Conda. CHICAGO, IL – WHO: Kandi KC Conda, CEO KC Power Pl

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